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Your Financial Advisor

Your financial advisor plays a pivotal role in the process. Based on their understanding of your needs and goals, if suitable, your financial advisor may refer you to IA Private Client and assist you with the APS Client Questionnaire. The questionnaire helps the Portfolio Managers at IA Private Client to identify your investment profile and objectives, and helps determine the most appropriate investment strategy and portfolio design for your particular needs. Although the responsibility and management of your customized portfolio rests with IA Private Client, your financial advisor will continue to help ensure that your overall financial strategy is achieving your long-term wealth and estate goals.

IA Private Client

The portfolio management team at IA Private Client is led by a highly experienced private wealth manager. Under the Advisor Portfolio Services Program, they design, review and monitor the asset allocation and portfolio selections so that your Separately Managed Account (SMA) meets your stated investment goals. An investment suitability review will be conducted by IA Private Client to make sure the appropriate investment mandates are assembled to match your investor objectives. A SMA will then be opened and you will become a client of IA Private Client.

Investment Policy Statement

Oversight is the process of ensuring that your investments adequately meet your stated investment objectives. Once you have completed the APS Client Questionnaire, it will go to a Portfolio Manager at IA Private Client. This Portfolio Manager will provide you with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that will detail your time horizon, risk tolerance, objectives and asset allocation strategy.

Finally, the manager will recommend an asset allocation and investment choices that are consistent with your objectives, and invest your money according to the instruction in the IPS.

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