Important Benefits

Broad Range of Investments

Through APS, your Portfolio Manager can access many of the top fund management firms from across Canada and abroad, including many names you may be familiar with: Dynamic Funds, Franklin Templeton Investments, AGF, IA Clarington Investments, Mackenzie Investments and many more. Further, the range of investments available in the program includes multiple choices for many asset classes and regions

Tax-Advantaged Fees

A portion of the fees paid by you for portfolio management services may be tax deductible.

Canadian Investor Protection Fund

The Canadian Investor Protection Fund was created to protect investors in the unlikely event of financial troubles with their investment firm. The Fund can provide coverage of up to $1 million to help ensure that your investments are protected.

Detailed Reporting

On a quarterly basis you will receive a report detailing your holdings. One of the most important benefits of Advisor Portfolio Services is to have multiple types of investments within a single account, allowing you to receive consolidated reporting and making it that much easier to monitor your progress.

Portfolio Re-balancing

On a continuous basis your account will be monitored by the portfolio managers from IA Private Client. Should the need arise, the account will be re-balanced to ensure your investment objectives are being respected.

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